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   Curious Kids' Discovery Zone

Discover a whole new world of exciting exhibit fun in the Curious Kids' Discovery Zone!

Geared for ages 3-12 years, Discovery Zone is located just steps away from Curious Kids' Museum, in the Silver Beach Center (along with the Silver Beach Carousel) at 333 Broad St., St. Joseph, MI.

Curious Kids' Museum/Discovery Zone may close all day, early or possibly open delayed on inclement weather days. We want you and you little ones safe. If visibility is low due to snow and blowing conditions and/or roads are icy, please call the Museum before trekking out. Your safety is our first priority. :) 



Current Traveling Exhibit at Discovery Zone: 

"String Theory"                                                                                                  Become board game pieces as you move about the floor sized game board, avoiding black holes and shooting actoss strings.

"Velocity" is now visiting from the Betty Brynn Museum! 

Velocity helps children explore the science of motion and makes it fun to learn about basic physics concepts. Children can roll and race golf balls on tracks, loops and hills to experiment with momentum, friction, gravity, acceleration, speed and distance.

Features include:

  • Five distinct activity areas that will remind you of skate parks, half-pipes and mountain climbs demonstrate the trajectory, velocity and momentum of moving objects.
  • Experiment and compare results with data visualization software that captures multiple test runs.velocity


  Lighthouse Kids’ Climbing Tower

ckdz exhibits climbingtowerBe the Lighthouse Keeper and climb the wave steps to the top of this 25 foot high Tower. Imagine you are saving ships on Lake Michigan from crashing ashore during storms. Gaze out the ship’s window to Lake Michigan…Look down on all the water exhibits and visitors. Children age 4 must climb with an adult. Shoes must be worn at all times. Challenge yourself and climb to the roof!


Lake Michigan Water Table

ckdz exhibits lakemichiganwatertableJust like the real great lake outside the door; sail your handmade boat through the lake currents; use the wind jets to sail; raise & lower the water levels with locks and dams; navigate through a storm by the water mushroom and wonder about the Chicora mural-the shipwreck that has never been found. 10 hands-on activities.


Water Power Tower

ckdz exhibits waterpowertowerTry out the Water Power in 15 fun activities. Hand pump water to fill the great tower like children in rural villages around the world; wonder about the water tornado; build-a-pipe to channel water like engineers; power your squirt gun at the targets; play with water conservation in your home; turn the great Archimedes Screw to power your boats; and much more.


Kids’ Climbing Wall

ckdz exhibits kidclimbingwallThe challenge is to cross this climbing wall and make it from left to right or vice versa. Don’t forget to look at the little blind animals tucked in the cracks in the wall! Simulates cave climbing walls under the St. Joseph River Watershed.


Wave Table

ckdz exhibits wavetableWind power makes waves on the great lakes, and you can too by pumping up the waves to crash over the lighthouse. Watch carefully to observe just how a wave becomes so powerful.


Children’s Clean Water Bio Sand Filter

ckdz exhibits biosandfilterImagine not having clean water to drink and getting sick from the dirty, polluted water because that’s all you have to drink. The Bio-Sand Filter Program, created by Rotarians around the world, makes clean water and good health happen for thousands of families in Dominican Republic, Haiti, Africa and South America. Meet Marisol who would not be alive today without the clean water provided by Bio-Sand Filters. Push the red button to watch nature’s sand and rock filters get rid of bad bacteria. Hear the story of 3 Rotary Clubs in SW Michigan who are saving kids.



ckdz exhibits recollectionsWall size giant art/science dance movement exhibit. Dance, wave, just move any way you wish and watch the bright colorful patterns mimic your motions. Engages all ages, you won’t leave it!


Pin Wall

manyfacesgiantpinwall201801Hours of creative fun happen with this giant pin wall. Kids and adults make faces, hands and nature scenes with over 60,000 red plastic pins and much laughter. 



Whisper Dishes

ckdz exhibits whisperdishCan you whisper across 60 feet into your friend’s ear? Go into the Outdoor Science Gallery under the Green Roof and use Sound Waves to hear whispers clearly across the entire gallery. Partners and exhibit builders of Whisper Dishes—Renaissance Kids and Exquisite Homes, Inc.


Rent our very own                           Curious Kids' Museum designed "Dream WIth Da Vinci"             exhibit! 

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  Curious Kids' Discovery Zone also has the first Green Roof in the area! button greenroof

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