Outreach Programs

We provide hands-on, interactive programs that meet or supplement curriculum objectives and provide educational fun. Outreach Exhibits and Programs feature a short, informational learning introduction on the topic and exciting exhibits, followed by Hands-on Exploration by your students or guests at any venue.


Experiment, create and have fun with Family Programs every week at Curious Kids' Museum. Programs in science, history, culture and technology happen every Saturday. Scroll down to see what Wee Discover is offering! Wee Discover is a special Early Childhood Development program offered every Wednesday morning throughout the school year at Curious Kids' Museum. Wee Discover features a pre-school story and hands-on science fun make-and-take to help kids ages 2-5 discover the world around them and develop a love of reading and creativity. These programs are free with admission and for Curious Kids’ members.




NOON TO 4:00 PM 

FREE with Admission or Curious Kids' Museum Membership

Sept 8  Flipsticks When you look at a picture, then quickly flip to another picture, your eye and brain remember the first picture for a fraction of a second, and blend it with the second picture. Let’s get going and make our own flipstick pictures! 

Sept. 15 Moon Madness Have you ever thought about the phases of the moon? Join us as we discover some cool things about the moon we view every night.

Sept. 22 Penguins Join us to learn more about the emperor penguin – its body structure, home, food and young.

Sept. 29 LIVE Animals Join Tom Moore with Wild Tracks from 1 -4 pm featuring many different kinds of species of reptiles and amphibians – get a close – up view!

Oct. 6 Why Are Spiders Special Some of the most beautiful structures are woven not by insects but by the arthropods who dine upon them. What can these ugly little creatures do for us?  Join us as we discover what spiders can do for people.

Oct. 13 Halloween Crafts  
Cats, bats and spiders! Join us to make a funny looking bat, a silly cat and a not so scary spider!

Oct. 20    LIVE Animals Join Tom Moore with Wild Tracks from 1 -4 pm featuring many different kinds of species of reptiles and amphibians – get a close – up view!


Nov. 3 The Canoe The canoe was used as a means of water transportation by all Native Americans. Canoes ranged in size from ones that held a single person to those that could accommodate 60 people. Join us and make your own little canoe.

Nov. 10 Fall Colors How do leaves get their beautiful colors in the fall of the year?   In the fall the world around us changes. Different colors appear on the trees and the weather is cooler. Make a fall wreath to bring the colors indoors.

Nov. 17 Turkeys Everywhere Where did the turkey get its name? What is the difference between a wild turkey and a domestic turkey? Join for a day of turkey talk!

Nov. 24 LIVE Animals Join Tom Moore with Wild Tracks from 1-4 pm featuring many different kinds of species of reptiles and amphibians – get a close – up view!

Dec. 1 Reindog Parade Downtown Join us to make a pet that needs no care at all!

Dec. 8 All About the Snowman Snowmen come in all shapes and sizes. Join us to make the cutest snowman of all!

Dec. 15 Wreaths Make a cute holiday wreath with your child’s hands…. You can even make a family one!


Winter Break    Ice Age
Dec. 26 – 30 & Jan. 2 – 5
Noon – 4:00
Twenty – thousand years ago, Earth was a wondrous prehistoric world filled with scary animals and ice!  If you think a winter walk to school is cold, just imagine what it was like living in an Ice Age. During an ice age, sheets of ice could cover most of North America, Europe and Asia and temperatures plummeted. What do we know about the ice age? You might think that nothing could survive that type of weather, but you’d be wrong.  Join us as we take a look at just a few of these animals that lived through an ice age. The mastodon, the woolly mammoth, saber-toothed tiger and a cave lion! Can you guess which of these animals lived in Michigan? Step back into time with crafts on woolly mammoths, sloths, saber-toothed tigers and more!

Jan. 12 Deep Freeze In parts of the world it is frozen white all year long. The North Pole is in the part of the Arctic Ocean that is always solid ice because it is so cold. Join us as we discover animals that live in the North Pole.

Jan. 19 Starry Night What do you know about the stars? Would you like to know more? Join us as we explore a starry night!

Jan. 26    LIVE Animal Join Tom Moore with Wild Tracks from 1 -4 pm featuring many different kinds of species of reptiles and amphibians – get a close – up view!




Offered Wednesday mornings during the school year -except Christmas and Spring Breaks. 

Wee Discover is held Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. at Curious Kids’ Museum for preschoolers based on the concepts of “Mother Goose Science” for young children. The program helps children discover the world around them by linking reading a different story each week with hands-on learning play experiences about different themes. Children exercise body motion, hand-eye coordination, and grasp how the many things in the world around us really work by experiencing them. Parents enjoy sharing this experience with their children and meeting other parents. These fun programs are free with memberships or paid admission. Wee Discover is not held during Christmas Vacation or Spring Break. Free with CKM admission or Membership.   

Sept. 12—I Love Bugs by Philemon Sturges Make a bug hat and hunt for bugs.

Sept. 19—I Didn’t Know That by Mercer Mayer Playing with shaving cream is good clean fun.

Sept. 26—And Cars Go by William Bee Zoom, zoom go the cars.

Oct. 3—Cookie Monster’s Book of Shapes by Richard Brown Circles, squares and triangles, the world is

Oct. 10—Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hull Make a mini apple pie to bake at home.

Oct. 17—Popcorn by Frank Asch Play with popcorn.

Oct. 24 MUSEUM CLOSED for cleaning

Oct. 31—I Like Pumpkins by Jerry Smath Have fun with pumpkin activities.

Nov. 7— Clifford’s First Autumn by Norman Bridwell Fall is time for leaves and fun.

Nov. 14— One Big Building by Michael Dahl Become a construction worker with trucks and tools.

Nov. 21— One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims by B. G. Hennessy Celebrate Thanksgiving with Pilgrim activities.

Nov. 28—Thump, Thump, Rat-a-tat-tat by Gene Baer Play and make musical  instruments.






Classroom Science Units

Let us help you teach those more difficult Science Topics with our Hands-on Expertise and Equipment. Goals of this department of Curious Kids are:

  • To increase hands-on Science Education in schools and community families utilizing Museum exhibits.
  • To develop partnerships with schools to increase Curious Kids' service to area educators.
  • To assist teachers and be a resource in Science and Cultural Instruction with those hard-to-teach topics meeting classroom and state science objectives.

Curious Classroom Curriculum topics offered at The Museum or at The Discovery Zone on at your location on the road: "How Electricity is Made & Electrical Safety"; Sound; Light; Earth Sciences-Water; Outer Space-Earth in Space and Time; Simple Machines. All taught in classroom styles with equipment not usually found in classrooms. We make these topics fun and memorable. Call Curious Kids' at 269-983-2543 and ask for Curious Classroom Curriculum units.


School/Group Trips

A Party to Plan? A Meeting to Hold? A Gathering to Organize? Rent the Curious Kids' Museum or Discovery Zone for a successful event. Curious Kids' Museum is a community place and seeks to offer friendly, unique spaces and rooms for your special event. There are so many ways to meet your needs:

Holiday Parties or Anytime Parties of all kinds; Organization Retreats or Off-site Sessions and Company Meetings with no interruptions. Social Services Functions take on a Positive Atmosphere here! Whoever heard of camping out with a dinosaur or in outer space? Kids love overnights whether for fun or coupled with a Birthday Party at any Curious Kids location. Call for rates and dates at 269-983-CKID(2543).