Summer Camps 

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 Call the Museum at 269-983-2543 to register.  

Memories that will last a lifetime!


Summer Camp 2017

 Summer Day Camp Fun at Curious Kids’ Museum!

New, exciting programming. More adventures for everyone!

Summer Camp Director: Gina Mason

 We work hard at making all our camps age appropriate. It’s important the camp meets the needs of both you and your child, which will ensure everyone has an exciting learning experience.  Children must be of appropriate age for camps by June 1, 2017. You may be asked to show proof of age when registering for our camps.


 Camp is a great way to gather precious memories and build special friendships that will last a lifetime!

Please note, fees vary with camps and trips. Full payment is due at registration. Cancellations must be made no later than 7 days prior to camp start date for a refund, minus a $25 registration fee. Cancellation made within 7 days of camp will not be refunded, but will receive a credit, minus a $25 registration fee. 

Save $10 when registering two siblings for the same week. Three siblings save $20 when registering all three for the same week. MEMBERS who sign their child up for 4 or more camps save $40!

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Curiosity Camps

For ages 4-6

Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Hands-on science discoveries, creative art activities, music, games, private playtime in the Museum, snack and drinks each day. Our camps are designed to teach children how to observe situations and solve problems as they explore the world around them.

Fee: $75.00 for Members  $95.00 for Non-members

Call to pre-register 983-2543


A Curiously Creative Camp
June 26 -29
Fun…Fun…Fun… everyday! If you love to draw, get messy, create and play ALL day, then this camp is for you! We consider all children to be artists in their own way, so no previous skills are needed. Exercising the creative side of the brain is a helpful skill that will be used throughout their entire lives. Splatter painting, sandscaping, and handprint bouquets are to name just a few of the week’s activities. Come on in and enjoy ALL the different crafts, games, and fun for the week!


July 3-7 NO CAMP

Blast Off!
July 10 – 13
Three…Two…One…Blast off! Campers will take off on a trip to outer space in this exciting camp filled with facts on the solar system, stars, and what it means to really be an astronaut. We’ll learn about planets, orbits, stars, and galaxies as we learn our part in our solar system. How does a telescope work? What keeps the stars in the sky? Why don’t the planets bump into each other? Why does the moon change shapes? Exploring the galaxy these questions and more will be answered. Our campers will build their own rocket ship as they get ready to blast off to the great unknown! Out of this world snacks and crafts each day.  


Ahoy Matey!

July 17 – 20
Well shiver me timbers…if you don’t have a fun time in this camp, you will be walking the plank matey! Does the lure of treasure, and the call of adventure sound good to you? Then this is the camp for you! Campers will build a pirate ship, and hunt for hidden treasures all over the museum using the spyglasses they make. Games like “Tick-tock, Find the Croc” will have our campers laughing and wanting more!


Prehistoric Stomp
July 24 – 27
Dinosaur crazed kids will learn about plant-eating and meat-eating dinosaurs, and how dinosaurs move. Find out new discoveries, dig for fossils, make your own dino-books and fabricate your own special dinosaur. Campers will use grids, brushes and trowels to carefully work away and remove sand from fossils. Discover exciting facts about dinosaurs while viewing fossil displays. Campers will step into the foot print fossils left behind by our extinct friends. Campers will get to hold a real dinosaur egg that is millions of years old!


Dora the Explorer

July 31 – Aug 3
Treasure Island Dora and Boots come across the Pirate Parrot, who tells them about the pirate pig and his treasure chest. Careful going past the lookout tree and across Crocodile Lake. Can you help them find the treasure chest?
TuesdayBeaches It’s a very hot day in the Rainforest. Dora and Boots decide that they need to get to the beach. They have to draw a map to mark their way.
Lost and Found Dora and Boots encounter a lost baby blue bird who only speaks Spanish. They are certain that it lives in the little blue tree and set out to take the baby bird home. Follow along as they explore past the bananas, and through the cornfield to the little blue tree.

Thursday… We All Scream for Ice Cream  Dora and Boots hear the tune of an ice cream truck in the distance and set off to catch up to it. Campers will hike over Strawberry Mountain, and across Chocolate Lake to get to Coney Island, the ice cream truck’s next stop. Can you get there in time? Catching up with the truck only means one thing…ice cream cones for everyone!

Walk on the Wild Side
Aug 7 – 10
Keep your eyes open, you never know what animal we’ll meet as we venture deep into the jungle on our own safari! Grab your safari hats, keep low, and quietly watch the strange animals we’ll pass. Campers will go on an insect hunt outside the museum. We will search for small ants in our own backyard but in the jungle they can be over 2 inches long and used for strange things… can you guess what that is? Have fun learning why monkeys swing from trees and how the lion earned his rank as king of the jungle. Campers will have a private LIVE animal show! This camp promises to be a ROARING GOOD TIME!


Day Camp Adventures

Ages 7-12

(Fishing Camp ages 8 and up)
(Girls in America ages 6-12)

Cost $150.00 for Museum members   $170.00 for Non-members

Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 4 PM

Call to pre-register 983-2543


June 26 -30
Ages: 7-12
Campers will need to bring a bathing suit, towel, and sunscreen each day. If you love getting wet every day, this is the camp for you! Campers will explore and experience the beauty of Lake Michigan’s Silver Beach each morning as they hike down to the warm sandy beach for a little morning fun. Campers will take a field trip to Sarett Nature Center to explore the science of water and learn more about pond animals and plants. Learning about the dangers of Lake Michigan and the art of rescue from our Coast Guard is a must when living or vacationing on the lake. Fun water games, water balloon toss, slip-and-slide and play down at the Whirlpool Compass Water Fountain will round out the days. There will be lots of water fun and water experiments for everyone!

July 3-7 NO CAMP

Culinary Camp
July 10 – 14

Ages: 7-12

*Bring a sack lunch Monday only.

A fun, hands-on, exciting cooking camp for those who can’t stay out of the kitchen! Everyone will participate in making various aspects of their meals. In addition to general cooking techniques, the campers will be instructed on safe food handling and equipment safety, along with table etiquette. Campers will learn how to read a recipe, prepare and cook delicious, healthy dishes with emphasis on nutrition and food science. All campers will take home a cookbook with copies of the recipes which they create. Campers will have a great time going behind the scene with local eateries in the St. Joseph area to see how their specialties are created. Parents are welcome to join us for lunch on Friday. (Notes will be sent home).


Hooked On Fishing 

July 17 – 21

Ages: 8 and up

Grab you fishing poles! No previous experience required, just an interest in learning and having fun! Campers will learn the basics of fishing, casting, baiting their own hooks, tying flies, cleaning their catch, and what to do when they have the BIG one on the line! Campers will enjoy the great outdoors while learning about fish habitats, marine biology and anatomy (also known as blood and guts)! Fishing trips will be to Lake Michigan, the St. Joseph River, along with pier fishing. This exciting week will conclude with “fish telling stories” and a fish fry on Friday for the campers. Bring your own fishing pole and gear. (For those who do not own their own poles, extra poles will be available for campers to share).  Campers are to bring a brown bag lunch with drink each day except Friday. Campers need to bring sunscreen and a lightweight jacket each day. Museum will provide lifejackets for campers. ALL campers will wear a lifejacket at ALL times down by the water…NO exceptions!


July 24 – 28
Ages: 7 -12
Back by popular demand! ALL NEW magic tricks!
Amaze your family and friends with fun magic tricks!Campers will spend hours learning how to create magic under the watchful eye of Master Magician, John Dudley. John has been performing magic and comedy for over 40 years with thousands of credits to his name. He’s been an opening act for Country Music stars, performed at Splash Water Park and St. Joseph’s Ice Festival for many years, and the crowd loves him! Campers will learn some of their favorite tricks while developing their performance skills. Campers will be performing for family, friends and museum guest on Friday, July 28 at 11:00 a.m. Campers will build their own magic kit throughout the week.

Girls in America
July 31 – Aug 4
Ages: 6 -12
Each day learn a favorite new character in a whole new way with this interactive camp. Watch history unfold before your eyes as we explore the different periods of American History with your favorite dolls and their elaborate backgrounds. Bring your imagination as you embark on this fun-filled week! Camper will be making snacks throughout the week to go along with the time period of each character, as well as historic crafts. On Friday at 11:00 a.m. campers will give family, friends and museum guest a Walking History Fashion Show.
Kaya is an adventurous Nez Perce girl growing up in 1764. She loves the legends her elders tell her about the bold warrior women who are her heroes. Learn more about her dreams of becoming a courageous leader.
Maryellen was a young girl in 1954. She was a girl whonever followed a crowd but followed her heart instead. She has high flying hopes and dreams, even though some of them never get off the ground. But one thing for sure, she knows that if you stay true to yourself and what you believe, the sky’s the limit.
Addy is a proud, courageous girl who escapes from slavery with her mother in 1864. Together they embarked on a dangerous journey to the North, hoping one day to be reunited with their family.

Kit loved school in 1934, and she loved putting her creativity to work because she enjoyed solving problems! Whether it was a broken old typewriter, a school project, or a list of chores – she likes figuring out how to turn any situation into a good time!
Josephina is a girl of heart and hope growing up in New Mexico in 1824. Learn what it was like to live on a ranch and meet the challenges of years gone by.

Adventure to Prehistoric Egypt
Aug 7 – 11
Pharaoh Tutankhamen became king when he was about nine years old. What do we know about this young boy? Discover the history behind the treasures that were buried with him thousands of years ago. Learn what it takes to be an archaeologist. Imagine being on an archeological dig, discovering the rich cultural history and treasures of Egypt. Camper will perform site surveys, learn to read maps, excavate a site, while classify the things they find. Learn to use techniques used by real archeologists. Campers will create their own artifacts. Egyptian activities will include “henna” hand painting, hieroglyphic writing, building a model pyramid, weaving and creating toys inspired by ancient Egyptian relics. Discover what fruit grew up and down the Nile making it one of the tastiest fruits to eat. Campers will have fun baking a yummy snack using this yummy fruit.


Child Care

Are you working and need child care? Have a busy schedule? Extended hours care is available at Curious Kids’ Museum

Morning Session 7:30-9:00 AM

Afternoon Session 4:00-5:30 PM

Afternoon sessions are NOT available for the 4-6 year old camps.

Costs: $10.00 each session, $20/day or $100 all week/child.

Cost includes adult staff, snack and playtime in the museum. Reservations and payments must be made in advance. The Museum must have a minimum of 2 children per session to operate child care each day. Child drop off and pick-up are through the Museum’s south parking lot door. Please be prompt.